Running tests in batch

You can run multiple tests in a dataset using the batch run. For doing it, either create a dataset from a test collection or go to an existing dataset which already has some tests in it (by selecting its name within a list of datasets for your depot).

Above the list of tests there is a button "Run all". You can either click on it directly to run all tests, or you can select the tests you want to run and then click on the button (it will say "Run [n] selected " where [n] is the number of tests you selected).

When you click on the button to run the tests, wait for the run to finish. You can observe the progress on the progress bar on the top. When the run finishes, you can see Performance of the test run as the share of the sum of realized scores for all tests (Score) and the sum of Max Scores for all tests (Max Score). On the right there are the counts of tests by the result status.

Below is a list of all included tests and their results, including result status, realized score (compared to the Max Score), and potential messages and output tables. The tests can be sorted alphabetically and by the realized score. Furthermore they can be filtered by the output type or by searching a part of their name.

To learn more about the tests you have just run, you can hover above the test's name to read the test's description or you can click on the name to open the test in a test editor (the test opens in the next tab of your browser).