Waaila Pricing

Empowering the most demanding teams

Starting with the free version opens a new opportunity of validation and provides a good starting point. To fully power the app and control your data quality, you can take advantage of our premium and enterprise offerings. You get additional automation features, unlimited data sources, notifications, customer support, and much more.

Power of automation

Color distinguished test results and visible problem severity help to prioritize the solutions.

Missed errors? Never again

Validate typical problems in one click with pre-defined tests, trained on marketing data streams, that help to solve the most common issues in data fallacy.

Unlimited testing

If the available tests cannot be applied for data verification for a very specific problem, you can build your own tests.

Start with the right version

The Premium tier requires servers to be deployed either to your or our cloud provider. Monthly fee for our existing clients ranges between €100 to €2800 a month. Please contact us so we can assess your requirements and figure out the perfect option for you.


Front-end only version of Waaila is not a demo or a trial. We will never ask for your credit card. Until you need more features you don't need to pay.

  • Web app
  • Custom tests
  • Marketplace
  • Limited number of data sources and depots
  • Limited session-based test run history
  • No periodic automation
  • No incident notifications
  • No anomaly detection
  • Advanced reporting not possible


Waaila for more demanding teams that seek advanced automation and high level of data quality assurance. With the Premium you will never miss issues again.

  • Web app
  • Custom tests
  • Marketplace
  • Unlimited data sources and depots
  • Extensive test run history
  • Scheduled back-end automation
  • Notifications about incidents
  • Anomaly detection
  • PowerBI reports


Let's cooperate to build a custom implementation of Waaila features to fulfill the specific needs of your company. We start by deep analysis of your requirements to prepare an appropriate architecture. We will help with implementation and maintenance.

Microsoft PowerApps logo

PowerApps integration

We prepared a Microsoft PowerApps integration of Waaila. With our custom connector, you can implement Waaila tests in your own app. Or use our dedicated app.