Waaila Tracking Validator

Validate & inspect your data layer

Waaila Tracking Validator is a nifty Google Chrome extension. With the current pace of agile development and changes push to the website, data layer testing is often compromised. Why to let a human do something that a tool can do for you? This extension checks whether your data layer is populated correctly and contains all data required by your MAdTech infrastructure.

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How it works

Waaila Tracking Validator is a semi-automated troubleshooting tool that inspects and validates the data layer.

Discovering the errors in the data layer fast is time effective, it also prevents inaccurate data collection consequently easing testing of the following applications in the data process.

Two interfaces of the tool

  • Inspector
  • Validator

Inspector shows an overview of what data from the website is being pushed to the data layer.

  • Compared to other tools, Waaila Tracking Validator shows stages of the data layer for selected events. It allows you to inspect the content of the data layer in specific moment.
  • Inspector allows you to see individual pushes, and at the same time you can see the data layer in the merged overview.
  • Additionally, it is possible to see the data content from the previous page.

Use cases

  • Investigate the data layer content
    See, what your data layer consists of in specific moments. If you are not sure, if some actions on the web are included in your data layer, just simply use Waaila Tracking Validator for a quick check. Especially when you do not have data layer specification documented.
  • Single Page applications
    Thanks to the functionality for switching events, you can see what is in the data layer at the moment when the event happened. That is very useful and almost mandatory in case of validating single page data layer, where events are just popping up one after another.
  • Testing
    Validating schema serves as a clear definition of your data layer, therefore the data layer tester can use Waaila Tracking Validator to check the data layer accurately and effectively.
  • Faster data layer development
    The tool helps the developer to implement the data layer much faster, because he can check directly if the implementation is correct. They can see exactly, where the error is.

Get it now. For free.

Waaila Tracking Validator is available in the Google Chrome extension store. You can also install it in Microsoft Edge, Brave and some other Chromium-based browsers that support Chrome extensions.