Data quality monitoring done right

Waaila is a comprehensive application for automatic data quality monitoring, supported by global community of hundreds of analysts, helps to prevent disastrous scenarios caused by poor data quality and measurement.

Take back the control over Your data

Validate your data and take control of your analytics and measuring. They need to be precise in order to utilize its full potential therefore it requires the validation and monitoring.

Ensure high data quality

The quality of the data is key for serving its true purpose and leveraging it for business growth. The higher quality, the more efficient marketing strategy.

Decisions based on accurate data

Rely on the quality and accuracy of your data and make confident data-driven decisions to achieve the best results.

Preventing loss of money

Save time, energy, and attain better results with automated validation. Fast attack discovery prevents huge impacts and opens new opportunities.

Simple threat discovery

Easy navigation and application management contribute to fast data validation and effective processes, leading to quickly discovering and solving the issue.

Focus on severe issues

Color distinguished test results and visible problem severity help to prioritize the solutions.

100+ of built-in tests

Validate typical problems in one click with pre-defined tests, trained on marketing data streams, that help to solve the most common issues in data fallacy.

Create your own tests

If the available tests cannot be applied for data verification for a very specific problem, you can build your own tests.

Stop the domino effect!
Identify attacks early

Web analytics can be easily fooled, even small attacks are very hard to detect. Undetected data issue multiplies the problems every minute, wrongly triggering other platforms

Getting started is easy

1. Sign in

To start using the free version of Waaila, all you need is an account with one of our sign-in providers.

2. Connect your data

We support the industry leader in web analytics - Google Analytics. But the list of available data sources keeps growing.

3. Choose your tests

You can choose from more than 100 pre-configured tests. Pick the ones you need and verify your data quality almost instantly.

Supported data sources

To use Waaila, you first need to connect the data you want to run tests on. Right now, we support the following sources. If you would like to connect particular platform, let us know.

  • Google Analytics
  • AT Internet

Great for Everyone

You do not need to be a developer to use the power of Waaila. But if you have the skills you can easily customize the tool to your specific requirements.

  • Marketers
  • Developers

More than 100 tests provided by the Waaila team. And even more to come from a community of data professionals.

Once you open Waaila you can take advantage of a set of tests we prepared to cover the most common issues we encountered in the wild.

But that is not all. With our Marketplace you will be able to discover even more tests provided by our awesome community of data scientists, analysts and developers.

Get started for free today

Waaila is free. You only need a Google Account to sign in. If you need even more power we are preparing a premium offering with additional automation features. Just start with free now and we will let you know once we are ready to share more info about our premium plans.