Google Analytics Audit.

Waaila is the ultimate app for automated audits of web analytics tools. It checks data quality and settings, supporting Google Analytics 4 (also UA) and Piano Analytics.
It helps you to keep your data accurate and sends an alert if something goes wrong.

Waaila in 60 seconds

Waaila checks:

  • Google Analytics 4 settings
  • Traffic anomaly including measurement blackout
  • Health of traffic (own domain, payment gateway, ...)
  • E-commerce data layer
  • PPC campaign tracking
  • GA4 events overview

Benefits of Waaila:

  • Switches mostly manual work to automated work
  • 50+ tests to check web analytics
  • Email alert on critical issues
  • Recommendations on how to fix issues
  • Clear user interface

Ensure high data quality

The quality of the data is the key to it serving its true purpose and leveraging it for business growth. The higher the quality, the more efficient the marketing strategy.

Decisions based on accurate data

Rely on the quality and accuracy of your data and make confident data-driven decisions to achieve the best results.

Prevent the loss of money

Save time, energy, and attain better results with automated validation. Fast attack discovery prevents huge impacts and opens new opportunities.

Our customers

  • Avast
  • drmax
  • koop
  • raiffeisen
  • sazka
  • t4s
  • smarty

Easier than it appears

Veronica B.

Insurance company

You get complete control of your data and save a lot of time thanks to not having to check Google Analytics and look for errors.

Vaclav, web analyst

Marketing industry

Quality tool with fast customer support.

David C.

Casinos & Gambling

Stop the domino effect!
Identify attacks early

Web analytics can be easily fooled, even small attacks are very hard to detect. An undetected data issue multiplies the problems every minute, wrongly triggering other platforms.

Getting started is easy

1. Sign up

To start using the free version of Waaila, all you need to do is sign in with your Google account.

2. Connect your data

Connect your Waaila account with Google Analytics or Piano Analytics.

3. Choose your tests

Choose from more than 50 pre-configured tests. Pick the ones you need and verify your data quality almost instantly.


Get started for free today

Waaila is free. You only need a Google Account to sign in.