Using Test Library

Library is located under the tab My Test Library and it serves as a storage for collections of tests. Here, you can access collections added from shared collection in Marketplace. Alternatively, when you create or customize some tests inside a dataset, you can store them in your Library for further use or you can transfer them through the Library to use them on data from other data sources.

You can only use tests within the same datasource provider, though, as tests are always tailored for a given data structure. Therefore your tests are divided in the Test Library by the datasource provider and when you create a dataset from a test collection in Test Library, the datasource provider is fixed in the configuration.

To add a collection to Test Library, you can either add a public collection from Marketplace to your private Test Library, or create a collection from tests you have in a dataset. Adding a collection from Marketplace to private Test Library and a subsequent creation of a dataset from the collection in Test Library is described in the procedure "Creating dataset from a test collection in Test Library". The creation of collection from tests in dataset is described in the following subsection.

Add tests from dataset to Test Library

To create a collection from tests that you have in a dataset, you need to open the dataset. Note that it is not possible to create a collection from a dataset when you do not have any tests there.

In panel with main information about the dataset, there is a button "Save tests to library" which allow you to create a new collection from all tests in the dataset. You need to include all tests first, but if you don't want all tests to be included, you can delete them in the newly created test collection afterwards.

In the process of test collection creation, you can adjust the name and description which are pre-filled with the corresponding values for the dataset.